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Collaboration isn’t just working together, rewarding our employees for helping us continue to grow is fundamental. Our staff ethos is to recognise staff for their achievements, in addition to offering benefits; benefits that truly help our staff.


Developing new ways of training our staff is a constant area of change at Decora. Tailored training programmes are created and delivered to enhance the core skills of every role. Training staff is a pre-requisite for any business, at Decora we believe training should be to the highest standard. Teaming up with professional and recognised external bodies for training results in developing talent that is acknowledged within the business arena.

Technical Training

The pure nature of manufacturing involves operation of machinery and specialised products. Dedicated training programmes, both internally and externally, are available to ensure all personnel are competent working with any piece of machinery.

Cross Training

Vital to productivity and efficiency throughout the company is the flexibility of skills and integration of knowledge. A dedicated training team promotes and encourages cross training across all elements and departments throughout the company.

NVQ Programmes

Continual vocational training courses developboth an individual’s skills and confidence.

The high levels of success in these courses tells the story of commitment
and development that integrate our product,our people and our strategies.

Management Development Programmes

Our management team make it happen. This team drives the decision making,
and product development for all of Decora’s products.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, developing
management skills through vocational and tailored workshops
is fundamental in keeping our company thriving.