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With Somfy, discover automation options for roller, venetian, wood and cassette blinds.

Battery or mains powered options offer different benefits and price points. You can also choose from a large selection of control options, including handsets, wall switches, timers or sensors. No matter what your preferred solution may be, Somfy guarantees ease of use, reliability and quality.

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Why choose battery powered?

The battery powered motor is discreetly positioned behind your blind and totally out of sight. There is no need to compromise your décor or drill holes as this is a wire free power solution. Blinds are easy to install and several control options are available. Blinds are recharged once to twice per year depending on usage.

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Why choose mains powered?

If you prefer a continuous power supply and are able to incorporate wired-in technology to your home, consider mains powered motors as an option. Mains powered motors are also ideal for large or heavier blinds and can be controlled with a simple remote control or integrated into your home automation system.

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