Decora Blind Systems - EDI Intergration Service

* What is EDI Ordering? *

Electronic Data Interchange otherwise known as (EDI) is a process designed for transferring information between systems using specific file formats. EDI helps to minimize or completely eliminate the need for human intervention.

EDI Ordering will allow you to reach the highest possible level of process automation while avoiding manual based tasks. Orders can be submitted without any time restrictions and offers a more streamlined process for the submission of Made To Measure and Wholesale orders.

* What are the Key benefits of EDI Ordering? *

Time - This is the first main benefit EDI can offer you. When EDI is integrated into your business your customers orders and information will be passed across both securely and encrypted via FTP to Decora within a matter of minutes. There is no longer the need to manually login to the Online Ordering websites, write emails or fax orders.

Accuracy - EDI offers increased efficiency and accuracy as information is transmitted in real time and limits the chance of mistakes as there is no manual data entry. All transactions sent and received are logged so there is a full traceability for both you and Decora.

Processing - Each order received into Decora will be imported every 15 minutes so this will result in better lead times for you as there is no manual order checking involved so the order can go straight to the manufacturing queue. Order acknowledgments can be emailed or sent in an XML format to a secure FTP folder located on our server.

* EDI Documentation *

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* Example XML Files *

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* Frequently Asked Questions *

* EDI Help & Support *

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