Pleated and cellular

Pleated and Softcell


The Pleated & Softcell collection encapsulates contemporary elegance and practicality with a mix of cellular and pleated fabrics. Softcell optimises versatility with a range of operating systems to enhance light flow and privacy.

Fire resistant properties

Water resistant fabrics

25mm cellular fabrics

20mm pleated fabrics



Offering a range of 25mm cellular fabrics, each delicately woven fabric creates a harmonious geometrical form of folded fabric layers, providing optimum light control, enhanced privacy and boasting energy efficiency properties.



The 20mm pleat presents a clean and consistent aesthetic whilst injecting a new dimension of style and texture to any room. Presenting an array of plains, textures and blockout fabrics, the pleated collection includes fabrics with a pearlised coating which optimally reflects light, contributing to energy savings.

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